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Summer Camp 2017 Week 3

06/19/2017 08:00 AM

@ Japan Karate Institute of North Charleston
8530 Dorchester Rd
North CharlestonSC 

Summer Camp 2017 Week 3

Our Award-winning Program Gives Your Child

Empowering martial arts and self-defense classes.

A variety of fun & exciting activities like kickball, relays, arts & crafts, board games & more!

Awesome field trips and learning adventures. A chance to make new friends, interact, laugh & play.

A positive place to release energy, learn and grow

Exposure to exciting new things & so much more!

Our super fun Summer Camp is so much MORE than just learning martial arts. It’s also incredibly life-enhancing!

Your child will get real life skills that prepare them for the real world…

Tremendous focus and excellent listening skills

Courage, confidence & determination

Fantastic fitness habits as they run around & stay active

Social skills when they meet, mingle and make new friends

Skills they didn’t even know they had through self-discovery

It’s an excellent way for your child to develop character skills that will help them stand head and shoulders above the rest. Imagine what they can be, do, or have in life with these powerful tools for success?

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